Sunday, July 12, 2009


This post is like a line drawing done while listening to music and without lifting the pen. (You are bright enough to figure out that analogy...)


When you meet friends again after it’s been too long and discover
that though you’ve both been changing
the friendship grows stronger still.

A day or even two go well after a string of downwards-gray days.
It is a gift gratefully received
nearly untouched by the quantity of sunshine.

People different from you are found to be not so different after all
For they delight in the same insignificant thing that matters,
share the same hope.

Someone shares
a story, a meal, a passion, and with trusting openness
lets you see the remarkable person they are

But these things also hold a mirror to my self,
and they breathe hope –
a reminder that plants do grow straight even as the sun circles round
and that slowly they grow upwards.


  1. Bethany, it was so good to share the weekend with you. :)


  2. Yes, you too. It's not hard to tell I wrote it the day I got back :)