Sunday, January 17, 2010

epistemology strikes again

As is often the case, my thinking has been dominated by what I am reading. This week it is Knowing Christ Today, by Dallas Willard.

One of the central points of the book (so far) is the inseparable link between knowledge (primarily of God) and our life as a follower of God - and our life as a human being, for that matter! It struck me that the study of the world through physics is at its heart very similar to the study of God through theology (and living as a Christian): both are a means of seeking truth. Knowledge of the first is important, practical and fascinating; knowledge of the latter is something absolutely crucial to the life of our soul, and thus our whole being. Perhaps that is why I find the two so compelling. It is also interesting to consider that, while science cannot tell us who God is, or in any way provide moral knowledge, it can draw us to him and make us aware of his glory.

That is really all my thoughts for today, but I'll leave you to ponder some questions that Willard asks and discusses at length in his book. Try asking one of them to a friend this week (in the context of a meaningful conversation, of course!).
  1. What is reality?
  2. Who is well off or blessed?
  3. Who is a truly good person?
  4. How does one become a truly good person?
  5. Finally, how do we know which answers to these questions are true?


  1. Hey, lady - - sometimes I forget to do this but I wanted to let you know that I've regularly enjoyed reading your thoughts and observations in the past several months. You are great.

  2. I love how your mind works. And you in general.

  3. Thanks! :) I like your blog too, "Ellie"; I should spend more time reading it.