Sunday, February 14, 2010

the surprising work of God

When you stop and think about it, God's way of working seems a bit crazy. Why would an infinite, all-powerful God choose to work out his plans through finite, fallible, free-willed humans? Wouldn't he have every right to just abandon us to our own devices and wickedness and delight in something else? And yet that is just the opposite of what he does - he delights in working in this world. This is the astonishing Kingdom of God - not astonishing because God is King, but because he invites us to join him in his kingdom work, in and around and through us.

Added to this is the mystery of an infinite God inhabiting a finite space that Augustine wonders about when he asks
Do heaven and earth, then, contain the whole of you, since you fill them?... Or is it that you have no need to be contained in anything because you contain all things in yourself and fill them by reason of the fact that you contain them? (Confessions, Bk 1, section 3)
What, then, is our response to this? First, I think it gives us incredible hope. Secondly, it is an invitation to join God where he is at work. Oh, that every moment of every day would be governed by this!

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