Sunday, April 04, 2010

Artistry in Time

1400's. B.C. An entire nation (over half a million men) is freed from slavery through a miraculous event remembered as the Passover. In order that the Egyptians might free the Israelite people, God strikes down firstborn son of everyone in Egypt - but passes over the homes of the Israelites, who are 'covered' by the sign of a cross painted on their doorposts with the blood of a sacrificed lamb. (Exodus 12)

This story of the exodus, as well as the giving of the law are some of the most defining and important parts in the history of the people of Israel. Yet something seems incomplete. Israel is a wayward people under God's kingship. Even when God gives them a king, there are problems and eventually they end up in exile. Yet a remnant remains, and Passover is still celebrated (even to this day!).

Even when God dwells among the people at the tabernacle, the people cannot really approach God, who is holy. A huge curtain hides God's earthly presence. Something is still to come. Prophets look forward to it; the people hope.

30 A.D. Hope. Hopes crushed. A man who is also God dies a terrible death on the very day of Passover. Christ becomes the passover lamb, and the justice and holiness of God is satisfied in this sacrifice. The curtain of the temple tears from top to bottom. This time it is not a nation brought out of slavery - this event means freedom for the entire human race. Freedom from sin; freedom to know God.

Yet - the story is not done. Our savior does not leave us to our own devices, morning his loss and trying to live like free people. This man who is also God is resurrected! He lives, and is spirit dwells among us. And he will come again as King.

2010 A.D. Hope. Rejoicing. This is the power of the resurrection. Who could have imagined such a terribly beautiful salvation?


  1. should that be 20-30 AD, rather than 2030 AD? (I was initially like, "hmmm...prophesying are we?)

    You don't have to post this comment...but I thought I'd just let you know in case you wanted to edit.

    And yes, what a terribly beautiful salvation - imagined by our God!

    Happy Resurrection Day!

  2. haha yep that was a mistake! Thanks for the edit.