Sunday, September 26, 2010

Relevantly Irrelevant

I have been reflecting this week on the importance of titles and names, in particular with regard to blogs.  Then I realized that more importantly than just the name, the blog or thing itself must be intriguing.  This, I think, is the true challenge of blogging.  I have come up with three things that I think make people want to read a blog:

  1. The blog is interesting.  Whether because it is strange or quirky or well written or mysterious, it catches interest.  Since blogs are read by choice, it makes sense that only the ones that people find interesting enough to want to read will be read.
  2. It is relevant.  The reader, consciously or not, most likely desires some benefit from reading.  Ideally, it should stimulate thinking in an area the reader  thinks is important.  Perhaps a blog will even answer questions that the readers have (see below!).
  3. The blog resonates with the reader.  There is some point of reference that the reader and writer share.  This connection makes the writing easier to read, and the reader (with an open mind) can more readily learn something from it.
Notice that something is lacking in this list.  I did not say that the blog says something of value.  Interesting does not equal important.  Relevant is closer to the mark but resonance could happen with many topics.  Isn't this true with much of our life?  We get distracted with the interesting things and can't find time for the important things.  How wonderful yet rare when all of these things come together!

I want to leave you with a challenge and a question.

The Challenge:  Think about the important and interesting things in your life.  When are they distinct?  Are there things for which both words are equally good descriptors?

The Question:  I am searching for things to blog about which are interesting, relevant, resonate with you, and have some value.  What would you like me to write about?

Post your answer in the comment space for this post, or email me at cupofsky [at] hotmail . com.

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