Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blue Like Jazz the Movie

Have you read Blue Like Jazz, by Donald Miller?  I read it back in 2009 and enjoyed it (I also posted about it in various posts) so I was interested to hear that they have made a movie based on the book!  I will definitely be going to see it if they show it in Rochester.  Probably they will show it in the Little Theatre, at least.   I saw on Donald Miller's blog that it was accepted at a major film festival (South by Southwest).  Exciting!

What do you think of the book?  Will you go see the movie?


  1. This is one book I need to read (preferably before I see the movie), because I've heard both extreme praise and extreme criticism, and the praise has come from some of my good friends and the criticism has come from some of my good friends and some of the theologians I highly respect. I think I will make the effort to read the book this month, so that I can actually enter into the conversation. :)

  2. Yes people are certainly divided in their opinion of this book. I should read it again because I don't really remember enough about it now to participate in intelligent discussions of it. Aghh.. my reading list seems to be getting longer every week!