Sunday, October 02, 2011

Beginnings and Living [the Resurrection]

Eugene Peterson, in his book Living the Resurrection, writes
As a culture, we are great at beginnings.
We set magnificent goals.  But in the in-between, we don't have much to write home about.  When things get bad enough, we just make a new beginning, which we are very good at downing.  Or we set a new goal or "vision" or "mission statement," as we call it, which temporarily distracts us from what is going on right now. [...] the church in which I live [...] has become more like the culture in these matters than counter to it.  The enormous interest in "spirituality" these days is not accompanied by much, if any, interest in the long intricate and daily business of formation in Christ-- that is, the practice of the dispositions and habits of the heart that changes our word spirituality from a wish or a desire or a fantasy or a diversion into an actual life lived to the glory of God.
These statements stood out to me.  Do you think they are a good analysis of the situation?  Is there anything we can do to change this?

Maybe if Calvin thought resolutions didn't really bring about change he wouldn't be so insulted by Hobbes. :)

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